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Dr. Wright and her cat Jasmine

Dr. Margaret Wright

I attribute my love and respect of animals to growing up on a family-run dairy farm which was run solely by my parents and 4 brothers.  I was totally inspired in choosing a career in veterinary medicine after watching our large animal veterinarian come out to the farm to provide not only medical treatments, but also preventative herd health care.  I knew that one day I wanted to help provide medical care for ill pets that are depending on us to bring them to better health.

Here at Seventy First Animal Hospital, I treats cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and other exotic pets.  I have a special interest in laser surgery, dentistry and senior health care.

Danny, my husband, and I share our home with our pets, a standard poodle named Coco, an American Spaniel named Neeses and a toy poodle named Remi.  We also have a cat, Jasmine and a Moluccan Cockatoo named Peaches.  I love spending time in my garden and trail riding.


  • Graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983.
  • Gradated from NCSU with a B.S. degree in Animal Science.
Dr. Anna Cloninger and Sassy

Dr. Anna Cloninger

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here at Seventy First Animal Hospital!  I have been in the veterinary field since 2005 working as a veterinary technician prior to becoming a veterinarian.  I served 4 years in the US Navy right after high school. I own 2 siamese crosses - Lula and Otis.


  • Graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine June 2014
  • Clinical year at LSU
  • Undergrad at UNC-Charlotte.
Dr. Alicyn Cross with her dogs Lela and Jasmine

Dr. Alicyn Cross

I was driven to become a veterinarian out of my own need for my exotic pets.  Throughout my education, I have had the opportunity to work at several zoos and with many exotic specialists in order to develop a basis with which to treat the strange and unusual pets out there.  I hope to one day pursue specialization in exotic pets.

My other interests include ultrasound, emergency medicine, pain management and surgery.

I am owned by a Border Collie (Lela), Husky mix (Jasmine), 3 cats (Henry, Maddie and Ava) as well as a Greek Tortoise, 2 Crested Geckos and several Chinchillas.


  • Internship at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte, NC
  • Graduated from VMCVM.
  • Graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Zoology
Marie and Lucy - Face of the Lucy Fund


I absolutely love working here!  Part vet assistant and part office manager, I come to work each day ready to help you with your pet's health from your first, exciting puppy visit, the many years you will have together until that last final good-bye.  I enjoy road biking, hiking and - of course - animals! My pets include 1 hound dog (Jaxon) and 4 kitties (Nuzzy, Pouncers, Snickers and Middy).  The dog in the photo is Lucy, she was with Seventy First as a blood doner dog for many years and is the face of our Lucy Fund because she helped so many doggies in need.

More About Me:

  • I have been here since 2001
  • I grew up in South Dakota
  • Have a degree in veterinary assisting and elementary education
Sandi and her 2 boxers, Titus and Stormi.


As you can see, even though I love all animals, boxers are my favorite!  I am the reception supervisor with over 13 years as a team member at Seventy First Animal Hospital.  I am native to Fayetteville and live with my husband of 23 years along with my 2 boxers, Titus (the fawn/white one) and Stormi (the brindle one).  If you have any questions about your pet's food or need to make an order, talk to me!

A little more:

  • I love the Pittsburgh Steelers and
  • UFC-MMA fighting
Christy and her kitty Grayson


I have been with Seventy First Animal Hospital since 2006.  I came to Fayetteville as a military brat.  My husband, Bobby, and I have been married for 20 years and have a wonderful daughter, Elizabeth.  We have 2 dogs (Oreo and Fred) and 1 cat (Grayson) which I affectionately refer to as my "boys".  I love spending time with my family and friends and also enjoy reading and baking.

A Cheery HELLO!

  • Christy has won our Customer Service Excellence award for the last 8 years!!
Kathy and her dog Sweet Pea


I am from Ohio and I have lived in California before moving here in 2007.  My pets are a resuced dog and cat, both are 8 years.  I have been here at Seventy First Animal Hospital since 2012.

Exotics - Yes, I LOVE them!

  • I have had a sugar glider, ferrets, rats, hamsters, a gerbil, fish and Oh yes - a Tarantula.
  • I love to read.
  • I listen to all types of music and Journey is my favorite!
Kelsey and her dog - Bella


I have been with Seventy First Animal Hospital since August of 2016 and absolutely love it!  Even though my experience with animals began as an assistant, I have thoroughly enjoyed my transistion to being a receptionist.  I have 2 dogs, Gunner and Bella and a cat named Bit.  In my free time, I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors and spending time with my fur babies!

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Clarissa with her dogs Carley and Raven


I love animals!  They bring me joy, so helping them to get well and stay well is worth everything!

Can't stay away!

  • I started here in 1998 then had to leave because of a PCS move, as soon as we could get back I came back to Seventy First!